Family & Individual

Logue Monument is proud to be able to capture the spirit of the individual with very unique and personal memorial options. Families are often looking for that special monument that really speaks of the character of their loved one. You can find memorials of distinction at Logue Monument Company.



Master Craftsman Donald Rock passed on his 45 plus years of knowledge and his ability to sandblast-sculpt beautiful carvings, like these roses, to his son Greg. Greg designed and carved the roses on the right to look like his father's old-world craftsmanship. Don & Greg represent the 4th & 5th generations of the Rock family involved in the stone trade. "A chip off the old Rock"




Logue Monument is proud to offer distinguished Mausoleums to clients that prefer above ground burial. 

Mausoleums can be manufactured in any color of granite, and can have features such as bronze doors, stained-glass windows, and sculptured carvings. Crypts can be made small enough for individuals, or large enough for entire families.

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